I said “Hey, whatsup hello!”

Welcome to #MyRealLife! I almost feel like I’m filling out a dating profile on OKCupid or Tinder, like “Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m funny, love my dog, from the Bay Area, love wine and am always smiling.” Boring and awkward much? Justttt a wittttle.

For those that don’t know me, WASSSUPPPP!! I’m stoked to kick off this new venture where we can talk more in depth about all the ups and downs of being newly 30, single, broke, and honestly, fucking happy! But really you guys – for those who already follow me, you probably know a lot about me because I have #NOFILTER and am always truly trying to keep it real. I love giving you the raw, unedited, unfiltered view of my life so get ready for a wild, wine-filled ride.

Why did I start this new blog? Well, I used to have a personal style blog and loved sharing my daily looks, but there is so much more to me now then just fashion. Don’t get me wrong, there will be a big style and beauty presence here but I want to get #deeper and share more than just what I’m wearing. Life is amazing but is also #HARD and not always as pretty as our Instagram photos make it out to be, so I’m here to keep it real no matter what the topic. I’m going to share every aspect of my life including but not limited to:

  • Dating (and why it is the worst thing ever)
  • Cooking healthy (or trying to)
  • Fashion & beauty (because we gotta look fly AF)
  • Adulting and how to attempt to save money (keyword: ATTEMPT)
  • Entertaining and making a damn good cocktail (or how to remedy those hangovers)
  • Social Media & Poshmark marketing tips (because this is my day job and I got some good 411)

And overall how to stay positive and keep smiling through the good, the bad and the effing ugly.

 So let’s get this party started…because if there if one thing you should know about me – I love a party! Who got the wine?! 😉 Me, obvi. 


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  1. How fun!!! Seriously laughing and smiling for your entire intro. This is great, you’re great… next post I’ll have a glass of wine while reading 😁

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