#Adulting: Things You Have To Do

#Adulting: Things You Have To Do

Ahhh, adult life. For some it never begins (lucky sons of bitches) but for the rest of us out there that aren’t still supported by our families, got lucky and landed a reality tv show and is now selling fit tea on Instagram, or founded an app and sold it for 5324 katrillion dollars…WE HAVE TO ACTUALLY TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES. UGH


Throughout my ’20s I learned how to support myself, be independent, and quite frankly #getshitdone, however there are always all the adulting things you HAVE to, things you probably shouldn’t do, and then the things you never do. I wanted to share my list with you all.

Let me know if you have any others to add to the list, I want to know what your #adulting struggles are!

Things You Have To Do
Pay rent
Make enough money to pay that rent
Take care of yourself when you’re sick
Do face masks and consider botox monthly
Go to work everyday
Renew car registration and move to a new townhouse…in the same month
Clean, laundry, go to the doctor, call your grandparents, socialize
Not laugh when someone says PENIS
Take photos of your food — yes this is a must

Things You Do But Probably Shouldn’t (but who’s to judge)
Watch reality tv over the news — who really wants to watch the news now-a-days though #DEPRESSING
Order Postmates twice a week…or twice in a day when you’re hungover
Use the pretty filter on Snapchat
Drink a whole bottle of wine to yourself
Spend the night with a guy you just met
Get road rage a curse the SHIT out of the person who cut you off
Eat dinner standing up
Eat pizza that was left out all night
Go to sleep and then wake up at 1am and go get a snack

Things You Never Do
Yoga — that shit does not relax me
Journaling consistently
Travel the world (because of the rent in the above category)
Say no to brunch
Be sober for more than 5 days
Save money
Leave Target without spending at least $200

Can’t we go back to high school when you have literally nothing to worry about? PLEASE!?

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  1. it will all fall into place once you hit 40, things will just begin to all make sense somehow, the struggle still exists but for some reason it doesn’t really bother me like it did before, I mean it’s like we just stop sweating all the small stuff. Its not a big deal anymore when road ragers cut me off, I don’t bother to give them the bird or shout out obscene things back at them because for some reason life just becomes more care free and completely focused on goals there’s just a real sense of direction once we hit 40 I know what I want now and feel more driven to make sure I get what I want regardless.
    So hang in there hon it will all come together one day, life’s struggles are going to fall into place all their own.
    Btw, I think the one and only struggle for me at 40 is that I realize nobody really truly cares, I mean people are nice to eachother because we should be right but it’s all about everyman for himself the struggles are all your own and nobody really cares to hear of them, that’s about the only thing I’ve had to come to accept at age 40 is dealing and coping with literally everything all on my own, OH! and the fact that I am just 10 years away from flipping “menopause” 🤣

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