Why Women are Magical Creatures

Happy International Women’s Day! I had a different post ready to go for today, but have been feeling so inspired about celebrating all the amazing women in the world so wanted to shine light on why being a woman FUCKING ROCKS and why we seriously are the most complex, fabulous beings on earth.

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This list could obviously go on and on, but I had to narrow it down.

  1. We are STRONG. Stronger than we know, just when you think you can’t possibly accomplish or do anything more, YOU DO.
  2. We overcome. Sadness, heartbreak, career growth, loneliness, depression, anxiety, financial struggles, motherhood…any and all life’s challenges – WE GOT THIS.
  3. We are in touch with our feelings and not afraid to show it. Cry, laugh, yell. It’s healthy and letting emotions out is something you should pride yourself on.
  4. Our bodies are BEAUTIFUL. Any size, any shape, any color. ROCK IT
  5. We are mothers, sisters, friends, bosses, daughters and make it look fucking easy…even when it’s not
  6. We empower, inspire, motivate, love, nurture, fight, and support one another
  7. We can communicate verbally  like no one’s business, but even more amazing, with no words at all. Work that body language.
  8. Multitasking comes easy to us, gym, work, kids, friends, cleaning, reading, paying bills…all at the same damn time and looking fucking good doing it…ok, maybe not at the same time but you know what I mean…. AKA we are superheroes.
  9. We take no bullshit and have no boundaries
  10. Lastly, we can contour and draw on our eyebrows like no one’s business.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 8.43.00 AMLike I said this list could go on forever but I am SO in love with being a woman and being surrounded by so many women who pick me up, support me, love me and inspire me it is truly amazing.


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