I Tried the Black Charcoal Mask and This is What Happened

You guys. I had a near death experience. I used one of those stupid fucking black charcoal masks and it nearly ripped my face off. If you don’t get passed this whole blog post, just leave with my advice to never, ever, EVER try these masks. The funny thing is I have seen probably 1000 videos of people completely covering their faces in this wildly popular type of mask and screaming… crying… deep breathing, because it is so painful to get off. Did that stop me? No, no it didn’t because I thought “How bad could it really be” and “I’ll only apply it to my nose and chin.” Thinking I was prepared for what was to come… But ohhhh, girl was I wrong.

But let me not ramble any longer but show you my experience because you knowwww I recorded the entire thing on my Snapchat and InstaStory. So let my pain, be your viewing pleasure. 

Oh and if you’re wondering if it “worked”…considering it rips literally anything that comes in contact with your face off…sure. It removed black heads, hair, skin…and my dignity. Ok you get the point.

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**I’m aware the audio isn’t matching the video — working on it. Sowee.


  1. You didn’t put enough on. It has to be solid black without any lighter areas. Poor thing😩

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