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Why I Did a Boudoir Photoshoot

I mean, why does anyone that isn’t a model take sexy boudoir photos of themselves? And no it’s not to become insta famous. For me, not only have I been busting my ass at the gym and eating kale all day healthy, I’ve at a place in my life where I feel the most happy and confident INSIDE as well. I am independent, strong, smart, successful. Fuck yeah I should celebrate those things…and when your inner happiness blossoms it really shows on the exterior as well.

I planned to take these photos a few months back so I could capture this beautiful moment in my life. For me to capture how I feel about myself – confident, sexy, loving, hopeful, open, badass. For me to know that this body I have is a temple. For me to have something to look back on and say DAMN girl. I did this FOR ME. Am I perfect? No, which is what I love. I’m imperfect and that’s what is REAL. No one is perfect, but you are YOU which is the most special and unique thing in this world.

If you’ve ever thought you can’t do something because of our world’s beauty standards, push the boundaries and do it. Everyone is beautiful. Everyone. Embrace yourself. Love yourself! 

This is just part one of this shoot, I plan to share what went into a shoot like this, how all of my lingerie got STOLEN by Virgin America TSA(yes, seriously and so creepy) and how hard we worked for hours to achieve this.

Huge thanks to my amazing friends and dream team who helped make this come together!
Photography: Bronson Farr // Styling: Josh Francisco // Art Direction: Sam Canvin



  1. I met you in L.A. In October last year where I struggled with me! You on the other hand shined from the inside out! I was over weight and in the middle of a divorce 😬😳. Being around you made me forget me … You continue to be amazing.. A ray of light.. You look amazing!! It wasn’t until recently that I found the song in my heart and found my confidence Rock that shit gurl🙌❤️️You look AMAZING!! Chris.

  2. YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, AMANDA!!!!!! You look UH-MAZING!!!! I love where you are with yourself and your life. Loving it and embracing it. OMG, I love this so much!! Mad love, girl. xo ~Gabrielle

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