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Oh yeah, I moved to Los Angeles

Oh yeah, I moved to Los Angeles

WOW. OMG. Hiiiii friends. I know, I know – shit, it has been awhile. Three months to be exact. But it’s taken me that long because it’s been quite impossible to rise above everything going on in life to feel an ounce of extra energy to blog. It seems like a long time but these last few months have honestly felt like a whirl wind of change…well, because it has been!

So, where the heck have I been? Well, to start since I never even announced it officially here on the blog….. I MOVED TO LOS ANGELES! 


That’s right, I’m currently writing this post from my new place in West Hollywood! I’ve been here about three weeks so I’ m just finally recovering from the moving chose & stress, unpacking the last of my boxes and adjusting to my new space…and don’t even get me started on the characters that live in my building and all the hustle & bustle that is #soLA…I’ll save that for future posts.

So, why did I pack up my life and move?  It was definitely a combination of things and was not an easy decision. It’s actually been one of the most challenging, emotional, scary things I’ve had to do in my adult life. To pack my pretty fucking amazing life up and and move back to LA? Yeah, I know…seems wild. But that was just it, over the years, as I grew, I became more in tune with what I wanted and what I saw for my future and the Bay Area wasn’t part of it. I felt like I was in a long term relationship where I felt complacent and bored but was too scared to do anything about it…until now. I LOVE the Bay area SO SO SO MUCH and always will, but I’m not IN love with you anymore. And there is someone else I’ve been thinking about for far too long and his name is LA. Yeah, LA is a he in my book…are you surprised? LOL

What did I see in my future? Family. Personal Growth. Exploring my creativity. Opportunity. Excitement. Love. Challenging Myself. The unknown. And yes, of course, Poshmark for everyone always asking. 😉 The hardest thing is you can never predict what will happen in life, but you have to take chances to find out. You’re in charge of your happiness and no one else can make those decisions for you so I took charge and here I am. Am I missing my friends? FUCK YES. Do I miss the routine I had? OMG YES. Poshmark team, lunches and happy hours? DO I EVER. But I have confidence in myself and this decision. I have something burning inside that is ready to ignite and I am ready for it…and ready to share it all with you.

Thank you for all your support and following along this new adventure with me. Life isn’t perfect, and that’s ok! We’re all just trying to figure it out…and that’s exciting!

One thing you can expect is more videossss from me, so please subscribe to my baby YouTube channel and check out my first video! 🙂




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